In 2008 Four Star Ranch formed FOUR STAR MUTUAL WATER COMPANY to construct a clean water storage and distribution system utilizing Four Star's water rights, wells, and pumping stations to expand its ability to provide water for its agricultural needs as well as provide water for commercial, industrial and oilfield needs. 

Today, we can provide abundant clean water from its filling station on Highway 88 just south of Pelican Lake, which holds over 140,000 gallons of fresh, clean potable water.  We can comfortably supply as much as 32 tanker-loads of clean water per day at 130 barrels per load.  Also, we can provide nearly any amount of non-potable water.  We can fill water trucks and tankers at the filling station on Highway 88 just south of Pelican Lake, or we can deliver the fresh water to your preferred site by developing pipelines.

For more information contact David Yeaman at (801) 707-5120.


Four Star Mutual Water Company was formed in 2008 to provide culinary water for the ranch operations, employees, drinking water, and future growth and operations.

With three high producing culinary wells in place as well as adequate water storage and delivery system, Four Star Mutual Water is planning for future growth.


Ouray Park Irrigation Company (OPIC) was organized in the early 1900's to provide irrigation water to the area around Pelican Lake through a system of storage reservoirs and distribution canals.  Over the last forty years, OPIC has dramatically improved its distribution sytem by replacing the canals with pipelines which have resulted in a dramatic water savings.

Ouray Park Irrigation Company delivers irrigation water to three areas: Leota Bench (3,000 acres), Cottonwood (3,750 acres), and Pelican Lake (5,250 acres). Water for the Leota Bench is diverted from the Whiterocks River and flows over 30 miles through a new pipeline constructed between Cottonwood Reservoir and Brough Reservoir as well as through the Whiterocks/Ouray Valley Canal to Brough Reservoir. 

Over the past several years the UWCD has obtained funding from the Colorado River Salinity Control Program and has installed over 25 miles of pipeline in the area below Cottonwood Reservoir (West Side Combined Canal Salinity Project-WSCCSP). This project replaced seven canals (55 miles) with pipeline, including the Moffat Canal and most of the Ouray Park Canal and more recently, the pipeline mentioned above connecting Cottonwood Reservoir and Brough Reservoir. 

David Yeaman has served on the Board of Ouray Park Irrigation Company since 2004

Shane Frost is currently the president of Ouray Park Irrigation.  He is a farmer / rancher and owns a farm located in Randlett, Uah.  He also is a representative for Superior Livestock and markets cattle in the Uintah Basin.

HC 69 Box 127
Randlett, UT  84063

Phone: (435) 724-0791


In 1996 and 1999, Utah State water rights granted UWCD a total of 51,800 acre-feet water rights from water rights previously held by the Bureau of Reclamation in Flaming Gorge. Since then, UWCD and OPIC have been completing the Green River Pumping Project (GRPP), a pipeline and pumping station from the Green River which connects into OPIC's distribution system..

For the past fifteen years, the Uintah Water Conservancy District has been working on the Green River Pumping Project (GRPP), which commenced in 2012 providing additional water for the area served by OPIC and another irrigation water company through a system of water exchanges.  The project is capable of providing over 8,500 acre-feet of water from the Green River.  Four Star is the largest single subscriber to the water from this project and believes that this is a big boon to the agricultural production of the area as well as the Uintah Basin as a whole.


Ranch:   fourstar@stratanet.com
David Yeaman:   fourstar1207@gmail.com
John Austin:  johnaustin@stratanet.com

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